[Music Monday] You’re Beautiful

Sorry for the late Music Monday! I was quite busy yesterday but here’s a new song for ya.

This song has been stuck in my head throughout the week after singing it at a Cru meeting. Just as it proclaims God’s beauty, the song is absolutely beautiful. The song starts off a bit soft and then eventually becomes powerful and filled with emotion. Not much to say about it except that it’s difficult to put into words the feelings of this song.


[Re:Framed] Who has to know?

In English this week we read the first 4 chapters of A Tale of Two Cities. The beginning of chapter 3 “The Night Shadow” began with a paragraph speaking about secrets. The first sentence being,

A WONDERFUL fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”

It got me thinking about how much we might actually know about each other and that it would be impossible to find out everyone’s secrets.

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[Music Monday] Maroon 5 Medley

Yesterday at church, a couple of my friends and I were playing around with water bottles and doing the cup song. Our pastor walking by told us about a video he saw with Sam Tsui, Kina Grannis, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and Alex G. I decided to go home and look it up, but that’s not the video I wanted to share. As amazing as it is, a suggested video caught my attention instead.

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[Re:Framed] Think and Analyze……. then Think and Analyze Again


This week in English, we had to look at the title of the name of the novel, first book, and first chapter of A Tale of Two Cities. From that information, we had to infer and predict certain themes or underlying ideas that we could get from them. We then continued on reading the first paragraph to see what we could get from it. Over my years, the one thing I learned in English is to create metaphors. Metaphors, because apparently, authors always have ulterior motives to their choice of words and what they put in their book. Reasonable enough considering the days, months, years the author spent slaving over a book sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I found A Tale of Two Cities to be a wonderful piece of literature.

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[Re:Framed] Trekking Through Testing Trails

What is it that teachers do when they get together in the teachers’ lounge? Well I’ll tell you what. They secretly ask each other which days they’re having a test on. Why? So they can coordinate! How is it possible to have most of your tests for the week on the same day? Coincidence? I think not. Today was obviously Test Twinning Tuesday because three of my teachers decided to have their test today. Okay, not that big of a deal for high school tests, but still a large amount to study for if I want good grades and sleep at the same time. Other than the actual studying, I love test days. But I only love them when they’re all on the same day. Crazy? Well maybe I am.

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