[Re:Framed] Forgiveness


My English class has been going through the book, The Count of Monte Cristo. One of the major themes of the book is vengeance.  Edmond Dantes has been wronged and forced to suffer in prison. When he finally makes his escape, he’s off to seek his revenge out on those who betrayed him. As the reader continues to experience more encounters with the Conut of the Monte Cristo, we see his horrifyingly dark and mysterious side. My class has these competitive team Socratic Seminar called B.R.A.W.Ls where we create our own questions and answer them. One of the questions used for the B.R.A.W.L was this,

Dantes is set for life. He has the wealth, the influence, and the power to live far into his late years with great comfort and luxury, yet puts all of that at risk for to seek a vengeance fueled by hatred upon those who wronged him within the past. Is vengeance/ revenge something worth potentially losing your life/wealth/friends for?

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[Re:Framed] ROCKY


In English class we recently watched a little film called Rocky. The movie has received a vast amount of  fame and popularity throughout the years and I was able to watch it for the first time. It follows the rags to riches journey of Rocky Balboa, a debt collector and club boxer who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship. So what is it about the “Italian Stallion” that has captured the hearts of millions?

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