[Re:Framed] A Lost Love (Losing Someone Part II)

lost love

My English class has been continuing on its journey through the novel, A Tale of Two Cities. Last week, girls swooned over the romantic and pitiful Sydney Carton, who has a tough outer shell, but a soft spot for a girl on the inside. However, I can’t help to feel for his loss. It’s one of the things many people sympathize with, losing the love of your life.

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[Music Monday] Suicides (Losing Someone Part 1.2)

I’ll be starting a new series that’s actually a little depressing. For some reason these past two weeks, I have been a high amount of stories of loss and thought I should share my own insight about it. I have already began it with a Music Monday on my K-pop blog, but I thought corresponding this week’s Music Monday would also be a good idea, so I decided to go with “How to Save a Life” by The Fray.

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[Music Monday] Losing a Person (Part I)

Confessions of a K-pop Fangirl

Howdy Y’all. So for some reason, the past week or two has been full of loss. It seemed to be a topic of conversation occurring in many different forms wherever I went. I found it quite interesting and it got me thinking quite a bit. Due to the odd number of experiences I’ve had in the past two weeks, this will probably be an ongoing thing having multiple posts. Don’t worry, I myself haven’t experienced a loss recently.

So let’s start this off with a Music Monday coming from Nell. Nell is somewhat of a K-rock band consisting of 4 members and under the same label as Infinite, Woollim. The song I want to talk about is “The Day Before.” Although there are a lot of  music videos that pertain to the topic of losing someone, I just found “The Day Before” to be so beautifully shot.

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[Re:Framed] Open the door to your mind

How can you think outside the box when your box is still closed?

The title of this post is just a fancy way of saying that you’re not going to learn if you’re close minded. I found that it’s become a pet peeve of mind when I run into close minded people. Although I do find myself to be a hypocrite. The truth is, it’s difficult to become open to all ideas. I don’t find myself trying out something new all the time. I want to stick to the status quo and what I’m used to. But one of the key things to living a fulfilling life is experience. You have no idea what you’re missing out on.

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[Music Monday] DECEMBER!!

Why hello! I am in an incredibly good mood because it is finally December. My personal favorite half of the year Fall and Winter but December has to be hands down my favorite month. I can’t help but be in a great mood when I think about Christmas decorations being hung up, holiday specials on TV, and cute little Santa hats floating around. According to Vampire Weekend, December also brings Horchata.

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