[Music Monday] Maroon 5 Medley

Yesterday at church, a couple of my friends and I were playing around with water bottles and doing the cup song. Our pastor walking by told us about a video he saw with Sam Tsui, Kina Grannis, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and Alex G. I decided to go home and look it up, but that’s not the video I wanted to share. As amazing as it is, a suggested video caught my attention instead.

I am most definitely a fan of medleys, but not all medleys. Some just don’t go together and cannot transition well, but I really enjoyed this mashup of Maroon 5 songs by Victoria Justice, Max Schneider, and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Not only was the song great, but also the video portrayed the singers, Justice and Max Schneider, having fun simply going around the house. However, as they run downstairs, upstairs, and outside, the lyrics to the song is cleverly shown in creative ways such as notes on their back, on a television screen, or on a window. There were even lyrics written on pillows and shirts! The great voices, composition, and creativity all came together in a beautiful medley to show a medley.

Also check out their Bruno Mars Medley and their Holiday Medley!


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