[Music Monday] Rosa Parks

This week we have a guest speaker! Exciting!

Since I actually listen to only Korean music, I am bound  to run out of song ideas for Music Monday. To hopefully delay that apocalypse, I asked a good friend of mine to write this week’s Music Monday as a guest blogger. Woo! She chose the nickname herself by the way. Many of my past Music Mondays included her and so will many future posts so watch out for Rosa Parks!

Hi folks!

Since Nicole has such limited knowledge of music in any genre besides K-pop, she asked me to write this weeks installment of Music Monday. You can call me Rosa Parks, and you guessed it, I’m not black! Without further adieu, here is the song of the week:

If you couldn’t make out any of the lyrics, don’t worry, neither could I. Although it’s difficult to understand Thomas Mars’s thick French accent, one can’t help but sing along. “Like a rhino, like a rhino,” very close, but not quite. Phoenix is actually describing Franz Liszt’s intense fan following, which was “like a riot.” This phenomenon, known as Lisztomania, can be identified in cases such as  “Bieber Fever” or “Beatlemania” in the modern world

Robert Pattinson? Is that you?

Robert Pattinson? Is that you?

One will never know if the frenzy surrounding Liszt was based on his skills as a pianist or if it was his gorgeous complexion. My money’s on his good looks.


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