[Music Monday] Crywolf – Slow Burn

Speaks to the soul and the wolves in the forest on a foggy night.


A Reminder to Myself


It’s 1:30am and I thought that I may possibly want to go to sleep now, but I laid in my bed and of course what happens late at night? Thoughts begin to flood your mind. So as I just paused from writing a draft for another blog post to go to sleep (mainly for my well being and mental state…you’ll see why later), I decided well why not write another one about what’s on my mind now.

This is a reminder to myself that I am 16. I’m not sure whether or not this reminder is supposed to be “You’re SIXTEEN already! ” or “You’re still SIXTEEN…” I began writing this post with the intention of that latter and I’ll probably continue that, but might as well also address the idea that I’m sixteen already. This means I could: get my driver’s license (check!),drop out of school (ah, almost), get an adult job (possibly), drink in Europe, and etc. Oh no! More responsibilities of the world! But at the same time, I’m still sixteen.

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The Rain is my Friend

The past weekend it rained. It might not be surprising to some, but to the average person in Southern California, it means a lot. It doesn’t rain often here and many people around me enjoy the rain. It’s a time of year that we city folk don’t experience often. What does the rain mean? To me it’s cozying up, warming up, drinking up, reading up, dressing up, and cuddling up. I. Love. Rain. It’s the indicator in this Mediterranean climate of the Winter that still exists. I sometimes dream and wonder about living in a place where the snow actually falls and that I would actually need an  umbrella because I have not owned one in the past 8 or so years. Maybe in the future, I’ll own one like these.

[Music Monday] Lonely Dancing

Why hello. I should probably talk about why I haven’t posted too often lately. There are actually many drafts waiting to be finished by I haven’t. But don’t worry it will eventually appear… possibly. Anyhow, today is my birthday! Yay! Here’s a song I’ve been meaning to post for awhile but other songs came up and this isn’t too timely. It features GD&TOP who are a Korean rap duo from the K-pop group BIGBANG but the singer is English and the whole song is in English.

[Re:framed] The Act of Giving


Giving gifts is a nice way to show someone that you’re thinking about them and that you care. It’s one of the five love languages. However, it isn’t particularly mine. Although I do love gifts, I am horrible at giving them. I can never get a gift for someone unless it’s something that makes me think of them. It’s difficult. Thus, I end up feeling stressed out during birthdays and Christmas. I never know what to do and in the end I present a pathetic gift (but every once in awhile I strike gold). I find that gifts are the best when you aren’t expecting one and it comes as a small surprise. Maybe not something grand like a flat screen TV, but even something small like a cute little trinket of your favorite animal. It doesn’t even have to be bought, but something someone made especially for you. Those are nice sentimental gifts.

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