[Music Monday] The Vamps

About maybe a year ago, I heard of this UK band called The Vamps from Rosa Parks. I fell in love with their mash-ups especially this Justin Bieber mash-up and I really like their Bruno Mars mash-up. They add their own very nice rock flare to it. Of course they are also very good looking boys. So the mash-ups came out about a year ago when their channel was starting out and had about 10 videos. When I recently came back to their channel, I found that they had a few quality music videos with original songs on their very own Vevo. Well, they most definitely climbed up some ranks as their videos have millions of views.


[Re:Framed] The Horribly Horrible Mush of Emotions


On Monday, a vast amount of students wore black or rasta in memory of a fellow peer who suddenly died in a biking accident. I remember that day I was sitting at my usual spot at lunch and looked out at the scene of students eating. There was a sea of black on a gloomy day in sunny California. There is an overflowing amount of school pride at our school and the death of one of our own can really bring up some feelings.

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[Music Monday] I don’t want no Scrubs

Whoops sorry for the late post, but here’s a new post! TLC’s “No Scrubs”  is a song I’ve been hearing from my church friends. Breadsticks was singing it on Friday. On Sunday, I had the privilege of being able to sit next to my pastor as he jammed out to singing this song. “You need to have all the sass and feeling when you sing this song” was what he said. Yes, he is the man leading us toward God. It’s funny how our church is also named TLC, True Love Community. It would’ve been a great song a few weeks ago when we were still on our Sex and Relationship series. But the message is still always the same. Girls, don’t date the lame scrubs.

[Re:Framed] OP Characters?


In English, we’ve been reading All Quiet on the Western Front. While I was reading, I couldn’t help but sense the narrator describes himself with some OP characteristics. When on the battlefield, he’s killing, outrunning, hiding, jumping. I realized, well that’s exciting. If he wasn’t brave, the whole few pages of him killing people would be reduced to a paragraph of him hiding in the trenches. This idea prompted this post.

In the words of my cousin, “OP characters” are the words you use to call those main heroes of a story that pretty much overpowers everyone else. It is the typical plot line for the average Shounen anime. Naruto, One Piece, Shingeki no Kyojin, SAO, Fairy Tail, and Fullmetal Alchemist just to name a few. Although they’re so typical, why is it that we always love them?

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[Music Monday] Low low low low low

Well would you look at that… a Disney song! Don’t let it affect you, I really like this song. Yes I first heard it on Disneychannel but then I fell in love with it (and Kelly Blatz). Although I never watched it, the song was used on the soundtrack for the movie Skyrunners. Back then in 2009, Rosa Parks and I would jam out to this song. And then I realized 2009 was 5 years ago. 5 years ago the preteen me was stumped by the lyrics to this song. I am still stumped by the lyrics of this song.

[Re:Framed] WAR


In English we have been reading All Quiet on the Western Front and have just finished it up. Currently, AP Euro has been easing into World War I, the subject of the novel. One of the assignments given to us in English was to create a found poem drawing words and phrases from “Dreamers,” “The Conscript,” “Break of Day in the Trenches,” and “Dulce et Decorum Est.” The picture above was what my group came up with.

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[Music Monday] Just the Two of Us

This song was one that I had to trace back. The one that I saw was a cover by a Korean group, Urban Zakapa , which I fell in love with. So when I played it for Toonka, he redirected me to the Will Smith version. I thought his remix was adorable because it was about being a father, and of course he loves his son dearly according to these pictures. And so then I am led to the original by Bill Withers or Grover Washington Jr. (I think both). The RnB song is timeless and just great to listen to in any version.

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