Oh My Gosh

I was in the pool with a duck today. They’ve been getting bold lately.


Well would you look at that…

…it’s another blog post! My mom let me take my car today which doesn’t happen often (because she is paranoid that I’ll crash and die) and my supposed-to-be-another-boring Friday ended up having a splash of color! So after waking up earlier than usual and going outside for a bit to be with… you guessed it… other “humans,” I’ve come back to the nest. I have another hour to spare before my next adventure but I found that I have exhausted myself from the internet so to cure boredom I have reverted back to… the internet! Except now I won’t have to feel as unproductive because I’m writing on the internet. But then again there was a certain book I was supposed to be reading. Anyway, that’s not important.

Wow Nicole…

…you’re writing quite a bit of posts today aren’t you? Well of course I am! I am bored! Since it’s finally summer and I have no restrictions and/or requirements for this blog I’m going to write whatever the hell I want and post whenever the hell I want! And so I decided to create a whole new category to my random spews of thoughts called “A Glimpse.” It’s pretty much where I write a few sentences because I want to and I can. You can consider it a glimpse into my mind. But why is it that I’m so ambitious today with this blog I completely decided to abandon? It’s because I have been laying around the house for the past 18 hours with nothing to do. 17/18 hours probably consisted of me lying on my bed in every single position possible. I slept until 2pm today. I say I have nothing to do while staring at the large pile of dirty laundry on my floor and the mess that is my room. There was the possible option of starting a large list of things called “Summer Assignments” but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I much rather spend my time writing about my life in blog posts for people I don’t know even exist to read. (If you are an actual person please let me know. These “followers” have gotten me skeptical in whether or not I want to believe you are a human being). I also changed my About page and will probably stop restricting myself to not including emojis in blog posts because it was “unprofessional.” Hah. ^.^


So I’ve been emotional lately, but I guess that’s okay every once and awhile. It’s a nice little slap in the face to remind myself that I’m human. But then again, does anyone actually like being human?

[Music Monday] Hello!

Hello! It’s not Monday. But that’s okay because I wanted to share a song with you guys! More like, I felt bad for neglecting my blog over the summer. This was originally an English project and now that I no longer have school (Praise the Lord) I haven’t been focusing on anything related to the education system. So I decided to share a song I really like! Enjoy it!

Ah I also really like this song that Coffee showed us and it led me to the song above. I think I like this song more though (: