Wow Nicole…

…you’re writing quite a bit of posts today aren’t you? Well of course I am! I am bored! Since it’s finally summer and I have no restrictions and/or requirements for this blog I’m going to write whatever the hell I want and post whenever the hell I want! And so I decided to create a whole new category to my random spews of thoughts called “A Glimpse.” It’s pretty much where I write a few sentences because I want to and I can. You can consider it a glimpse into my mind. But why is it that I’m so ambitious today with this blog I completely decided to abandon? It’s because I have been laying around the house for the past 18 hours with nothing to do. 17/18 hours probably consisted of me lying on my bed in every single position possible. I slept until 2pm today. I say I have nothing to do while staring at the large pile of dirty laundry on my floor and the mess that is my room. There was the possible option of starting a large list of things called “Summer Assignments” but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I much rather spend my time writing about my life in blog posts for people I don’t know even exist to read. (If you are an actual person please let me know. These “followers” have gotten me skeptical in whether or not I want to believe you are a human being). I also changed my About page and will probably stop restricting myself to not including emojis in blog posts because it was “unprofessional.” Hah. ^.^


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