[Music Monday] Lonely Dancing

Why hello. I should probably talk about why I haven’t posted too often lately. There are actually many drafts waiting to be finished by I haven’t. But don’t worry it will eventually appear… possibly. Anyhow, today is my birthday! Yay! Here’s a song I’ve been meaning to post for awhile but other songs came up and this isn’t too timely. It features GD&TOP who are a Korean rap duo from the K-pop group BIGBANG but the singer is English and the whole song is in English.


[Music Monday] Black and Gold

I heard this song a couple years ago and I completely forgot about it until recently. On Saturday, I went on a leadership retreat to San Francisco and in the car we borrowed, one of the CDs had this song on it. One thing that sticks out from this song is the confusing lyrics. I really never had a full grasp on what he was talking about. But then one of the leaders, let’s call him Unleash the Dragon, mentioned how this was actually talking about creation. boom. Mind Blown. The lyrics I was singing made an incredible amount of sense now.

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[Re:framed] The Act of Giving


Giving gifts is a nice way to show someone that you’re thinking about them and that you care. It’s one of the five love languages. However, it isn’t particularly mine. Although I do love gifts, I am horrible at giving them. I can never get a gift for someone unless it’s something that makes me think of them. It’s difficult. Thus, I end up feeling stressed out during birthdays and Christmas. I never know what to do and in the end I present a pathetic gift (but every once in awhile I strike gold). I find that gifts are the best when you aren’t expecting one and it comes as a small surprise. Maybe not something grand like a flat screen TV, but even something small like a cute little trinket of your favorite animal. It doesn’t even have to be bought, but something someone made especially for you. Those are nice sentimental gifts.

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[Music Monday] Dancing in the Moonlight

This song was recently brought up to me again and it’s a timeless song loved by a wide range of people. Rosa Parks and I were talking to a friend of ours, let’s call him Always Hungry. So, Always Hungry is a guy I’ve known to really enjoy some hardcore metal and rap, usually loud and usually somewhat angry. However, when we were talking he told us, “Oh! I have to show you guys a new song I like!” Rosa Parks and I looked at each other and said, “Uhh, we’re not sure we’re ready for this…” We expected a very hardcore song. Instead, Always Hungry played for us, “Dancing in the Moonlight.” The three of us stood there, listening and enjoying the music. This guy who listens to metal and rap, this girl who listens to songs based on feeling, and me who listens to K-pop. We all agreed on this being a great song. I even sang it around my uncle, let’s call him Toonka, and he mentioned that he also enjoyed the song when he heard it.

Bringing New Music to FVHS


My English teacher has an ongoing project deriving from the idea of finding a need and fulfilling it. One might ask the question, “What if this could happen?” and what you do is make it happen. Thus, our project is called the What if? Innovation project where we, as students, create something to try to leave our own mark.

Sounds like a grand project and many students are taking a big step. For me, I decided why not music? How often do we find a song we like and become so eager to let people know about. I created a Music Share website for Fountain Valley High School and the students there. Large scale music share websites already exist, so why not one just for my own high school?

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A Working God


The other week, I went to a one day event called Turn Your Campus held at Biola University, a Christian college. It’s an event held every year and I have been attending since 2012. The annual event is a favorite at my church and this year did not fail to have many sign ups. The reason for the popularity (excluding the wide variety of food in the cafeteria) is the many workshops and seminars available for students. Nearly 40 workshops are offered and many of them relating to the life of a teenager. Turn Your Campus is geared toward the youth and is a large gathering of many young believers meeting and learning from each other. Each student receives a handbook and simply looks at the large variety of seminars and choose 3 to attend, with lunch offered in between. This year, the theme was “Fearless.”

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[Music Monday] Misconception pt.2

Last week, I spent a long time in a car with Coffee. He had taken a liking to playing this Lecrae song, “Misconception pt.2” featuring W.L.A.K. The song grew on to me maybe after the 8th time hearing it in the car. Although I heard of Lecrae before as a very popular Christian rap artist, I only ever really listened to one song by him which was “Background.” Did you read that correctly? You sure did, Christian rap. It exists and I am quite fond of it. I was angry once when I watched some type of Disneychannel movie about a guy whose father is a pastor. However, he has a passion for rapping and his father did not allow him to pursue his dreams because rap is Devil’s music. Luckily, he relents in the end, but even in society today, rap has definitely earned a bad reputation. But let’s not forget that the rap we hear on the radio with a beep every 10 seconds is not the sole representation of rap music. Sometimes, it’s a “Misconception.”

I also have issues interpreting rap. It’s like trying to find all the literary terms in an English Honors Class. Using Rap Genius is a nice way to find annotations of lyrics.