[Music Monday] Coffee

Since I have to study for finals (kind of), I asked Coffee to write a Music Monday yay! He will be the second guest writer after Rosa Parks and the music video for the song he chose actually made her cry. So enjoy the song!


Hello! So, I’m a friend of Panda Bear and someone who brings her alongside as an accomplice for a bucket list of adventures! I always thought what Panda Bear did here was pretty nifty and today she gave me the honor of writing in her Music Monday Storytime! Fun fun.  Anywho’s, after an aforethought, or maybe an afterthought, of thinking of what song to pick, I ended up coming back to my roots and spewing out a Korean song. I probably, possibly picked it up because of my graduation this Wednesday and Father’s day later this week.

When I was around 6 or so, my dad brought home a bundle of music video DVD’s. After finding one with this song, I instantly loved it after a series of repeats. I’m not sure how much of an impact it had on me as a 6 year old but it definitely broke me down. As immigrants here from Korea, my mom and dad had to work 12 hour shifts per day, leaving me home alone and to quickly learn how to take care of myself and my sister. Still, the moments from where my dad came home and brought us Chinese noodles with a bright smile like he struck gold to where my mom sang me to sleep made my childhood. This song made me realize how our hearts can become scratched and dented and repaired over time, but with one glance, our parents will be able to tell your own from others. All in all, be grateful for your parents! See you next time, depending on the country of Panda Bear! Safe Travels, Don’t Die!


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