All I Want To Do Is Sleep.

Not to be mistaken with wanting to be dead.


[Music Monday!] Insert Clever Title Here

Today was a Monday that I found to be a lot more difficult than I really expected it to be. Ah, I faced a decent amount of stress which is quite unusual. But then again, this happens more often than not on a Monday or Tuesday. Well, I find joy in the idea of quite a relaxing (but not really) day tomorrow and an even better one on Wednesday with spending only 3 and a half hours at school instead of 8! Here’s a song that I hear played by APUSH teacher, whom I have an interesting relationship with. At least he talks to me. Ah, Rosa Parks also plays this song often.

What I do while in Philosophy

Taking a 3 hour class on a Tuesday night is not very enjoyable… especially when it’s philosophy. One can only sit and think about all the wonders of life for so long. Or, according to Descartes, one can only dream of listening to philosophy for so long. *sigh*

Let’s continue on the basis that life is just a means to attempt to keep the world continuing.

Let’s just assume that the emotions and well-being of our souls don’t matter at all. 

The world doesn’t care if you’re happy.

You’re like a mere pawn that is used as a part of a system, only to be thrown away once you’re done. 

What a sad and unfortunate thought.