How to string me along into your schemes

Her: I’m feeling angsty WANNA committ some arson?
It can be legal.

Me. Ooooh temping.
What do you have in mind?

Her: Small bonfire? Bricks and a fire in the middle bc the beach is too far
Idk I just want fire

Me: I want to burn things in it
Like barbie dolls

Her: Oh good idea.

Me: But that’s expensive

Her: Nah we can go to the 99 cent store

Me: And would probably smell bad

Her: Okay how about vegetables
We can set aside money to go to 99 cent store
And buy stuff we wanna burn

Me: Sounds good

Her: Okay after finals?

Me: Yeeee down


[Bucket List #1] I want to hug a chicken.

My first bucket list post will be this video of a boy hugging a chicken. I want to hug a chicken.
I have decided to start a new series called “Bucket List” and it’s going to be, you guessed it, my bucket list! I created one a few years back. It was handwritten and ended up being about 3 pages long. I actually ended up fulfilling a lot of the stuff I put on there, although I can’t find it anymore to cross them off. Most of the ones I accomplished were K-pop concerts and seeing bands live. At that time, K-pop wasn’t that big and concerts in America were RARE. Now they aren’t and I honesty did not think I would be able to see Big Bang live BUT I DID. Through that I learned that it may actually seem pretty impossible, but it COULD actually happen.

Also, because I made on and posted it, people saw it and helped me fulfill some of them ^.^ . Number 1 was to attempt pottery and make something out of clay on a potter’s wheel. That christmas my sister gave me this pottery wheel set she found somewhere at Wal-Mart. Hah! I didn’t really make anything, but it was fun 🙂 Making one and sharing it will help you accomplish things you would’t think you’d be able to. There are people out there that can and want to help you and I think that’s great.

I need a burst of creative writing.

Rosa Parks occasionally asks me to help her on school essays and I become jealous. She actually gets to do quite interesting writing projects. I, on the other hand, have not been assigned a decent essay in awhile. As in, I disliked one of my English teachers with a passion because I probably have not developed a single skill the entire time I was imprisoned in his class. Welp.

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