Why I Dream

Just when on the verge of realizing my lack of passion within my life, I had to turn myself toward a new possibility. I cannot find myself something to long for in reality, and so I experiment with the idea of a metaphysical world.

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So the Sky was Broken

I was sitting with my knees drawn up against my chest, my arms wrapped around my legs and my long black hair draped over my knees. I was alone. No. I wasn’t just alone, but I was the only object present. The ground and the sky were an endless white continuing over the horizon. And the sky seemed broken. I didn’t know why I was here, but I thought that it’d be important to remember. I unlocked my fingers, releasing my arms and legs and allowing myself to lie sprawled out on the floor. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I thought that it didn’t seem to matter. My body formed an X with my arms and legs as I looked up into the sky to get a clear view. It was unmistakably white, but it had dashes and dots and shards of black peeking from behind. So the sky was broken. I didn’t know where I was, but I thought that it wasn’t something for me to know.

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[Music Monday] I’m Avoiding Homework Again

Oh look it’s actually Monday! For some reason, I fluctuate in the interpretation of the amount of homework I have to do. There are times when I have a mini freak out about how much I have to do for the day. This usually occurs a couple days before up until the day of. Now at this time I would tell myself that I need to really get to work today and get all this stuff done. Then, it never happens the way I want it to. Instead, I’ll start trying to convince myself that it really wasn’t that much work anyway…. And that’s what I’m doing now. I have three tests tomorrow, three chapters of AP Art History notes, two sections of Pre-Calculus homework assignments, and about another chapter of APUSH outlines to do. I am now trudging along that chapter of APUSH and that’s about how far I am. I told myself that it actually won’t take that much time (it works somehow logically to me) and I will surprisingly get this done even with the large amounts of procrastination. You would enjoy my procrastination because it leads to blog posts. Anywho here’s a song!

[Music Monday] Why am I not sleeping?

It’s almost 2am and I feel like utter crap. What a great time for a blog post! For some reason I cannot get to sleep right now but I’m feeling like I’m catching a cold. Since I’m awake and still trying to avoid homework, might as well write. 

Although it’s 2am on a Tuesday, we can still pretend like it’s Monday so yay! It’s been awhile since I posted a song anyway. It was a pretty good idea until I just opened up a tab onto Youtube and realized I have not too many new songs for you. I guess that’ll leave me with a Korean one. It’s okay. You guys will come around to it eventually. 

Since I can’t sleep, let’s do the song Insomnia by Humming Urban Stereo. Who is Humming Urban Stereo? They are a South Korean electropop group. I actually didn’t think I liked electropop but I’ve been surprisingly been fond of it lately. Luckily for you, this song is actually in English like many of their other songs too. I actually don’t care for this song too much and was going to do a separate one, but I guess correlation can be valuable sometimes. Not really.  BUT CLICK THE READ MORE BUTTON. 


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A day with the papas

So my dad is quite a funny person with his weird little quirks and ideas. The other day he told me he was going to put power in his fish tank to make the fish stronger. I thought he said “powder” but no… it was power. By that he meant that he would plug something in and greater force of bubbles would be blowing to the right near the top of the tank. Thus, the fish treadmill was born and our growing Arowana was stuck having to swim harder against the current for the day. “It’s like going to the gym for fish. Now he’ll become bigger faster.” 

Today I spent the day running some errands with the man who decided to create a workout for the fish. While sitting down at AppleBee’s for lunch, he told me that my glasses made me look “too smart” and how it made it harder for people to talk to me that way. He also likes to compliment himself on his own intelligence and said, “Sometimes people just look smart. See, people look at me and go ‘Oh shit, he’s smart,’ but I actually have no idea what I’m talking about.” 

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So like…

this morning I woke up early to finish up the homework I didn’t bother doing the night before. I got ready to go to school (which took a little bit longer by the way because I decided to attempt to dress in something nicer than jeans and a t-shirt) but my efforts were wasted because we got a phone call telling us the school was closed down today. WHAT?! I thought my mom was trying to prank me but nevertheless I am a happy camper. Therefore, to kill the time that I was supposed to be in 0 period right now, I shall write a blog post!

But what is there to write about when one wants to write? Nothing.