[Music Monday] Rosa Parks

This week we have a guest speaker! Exciting!

Since I actually listen to only Korean music, I am bound  to run out of song ideas for Music Monday. To hopefully delay that apocalypse, I asked a good friend of mine to write this week’s Music Monday as a guest blogger. Woo! She chose the nickname herself by the way. Many of my past Music Mondays included her and so will many future posts so watch out for Rosa Parks!

Hi folks!

Since Nicole has such limited knowledge of music in any genre besides K-pop, she asked me to write this weeks installment of Music Monday. You can call me Rosa Parks, and you guessed it, I’m not black! Without further adieu, here is the song of the week:

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Sacrifice (Losing Someone Part IV)


So what’s a little boy, an elite Garrison soldier, and Sydney Carton have to do with each other? Last month I came across a lot of thinking about sacrifices from two different ends of the spectrum, a short film at church, and the anime Attack on Titans. What is worth a sacrifice? How much can we sacrifice until it has been done in vain? Can there be change without sacrifices?

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[Music Monday] Royal Pirates

Ah I’m late again. Yesterday was MLK day so I just tapped out the entire day. But here’s a song for the week!

Yes, this is actually a K-pop song . . . kind of. I would’ve actually posted this on my K-pop Music Monday, but I have already done a post for a previous Royal Pirates song. I decided to post it on this blog because there’s an English version! Royal Pirates is a Korean-American trio that decided to have their debut in Korea just last year. However, they’ve been active on Youtube for several years. Back then, they were known as Fading From Dawn, but due to a tragic car accident, they lost their bass player and Moonchul’s brother in 2008. That was when the name “Royal Pirates” came to be.  They recently came back with their new album with their title song being “Drawing the Line.” To my delight, an English version was included.

[Re:Framed] Mish Mash

This week for English, we had a day of getting those creativity juices flowing. Our teacher gave us the entire period to complete this one assignment and share with him. All we had to do was keep quiet and choose from the following options:

1. Design and create a homework assignment in a way that doesn’t make it look like homework!
2. Place a random object on a piece of paper and scribble around it until you create something new!
3. Write down little slips of ideas and innovation to put in a gumball machine of inspiration!
4. Create and interesting and different kind of blog post. Not just typing up words!

I chose the second option. I grabbed my earphones from my bag and threw it on my paper looking for something I could possibly create. Here’s what I came up with.


[Music Monday] Arctic Monkeys

snow monkeys

This isn’t really the Arctic Monkeys but here’s a song by them rising quickly in popularity. Rosa Parks is a fan of the Arctic Monkeys and Breadsticks mentioned how this song was on the radio often. I really enjoy and like this song so even though it’s pretty high on the view count, sharing it on my blog wouldn’t hurt any one.

[Re:Framed] Humor


We spent the last week in English focusing on humor. The packet my teacher gave us consisted of several quotes from different people, but they usually had something in common. They said that humor derived from some type of despair. One of the quotes was from Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, “Happiness, n. An agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another.” For me, it just made the thought of laughing so much more horrible. It’s not particularly happiness, but in reality some type of hidden depression.

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[Music Monday] Max Frost

Rosa Parks and I were talking about the satisfaction of finally finding that song you heard when you’re out somewhere and don’t know it. You spend hours and hours trying to recall as much of it as you can but you can’t input the melody into Google. Instead you remember bits and parts of lyrics when put together make no sense whatsoever, but that’s all you have to go off of. Shazam? Why not Shazam it? I wish I could but I have no data on my phone to Shazam when I’m out and about. So then we’re stuck in frustration, even resorting to Yahoo! Answers possibly to never find that song we heard. But luckily my friend did find hers. She mentioned this song to me and since then it’s been stuck in my head.

Max Frost – White Lies