[Music Monday] Holograms of the Past

Many of us might remember the old song “Feel Good Inc.” from awhile ago. Released by English band Gorillaz, the song was featured in their Demon Days album back in 2005. This is one of the timeless songs for me. Every time I listen to it I fall in love with it again. If I remember correctly, there was a crazy plot line going on with the members of Gorillaz with their members and music videos, but I’ll let you research on that if you have the time. However with this video, they do seem to be playing a role. 

In the words of Wikipedia (I know it’s not a credible source) the video was explained through ideas of one of the fictional characters of the band, 2D…

“The main themes of the video are intellectual freedom and the media’s dumbing down of mass culture.

In the video, 2D yearns for the freedom to join Noodle on her floating island. The characters lying on the floor represent those who have already been “dumbed down”, while the band members are the ones who have awakened. 2D is trying to wake all the people from their half-dead state by yelling at them through his megaphone, in the style of a political activist.”

“I think Gorillaz built a tower around themselves that they couldn’t get out of; of excess and debauchery. The video is based on this feeling. For a while it was great to be on the inside, but the party got out of hand. It’s become like the ‘Last days of Pompeii‘… a… er… Sodding Gomorrah. The Feel Good Tower represents this. The palace we built has become a prison. In the video I’m just waking up from this year-long hedonist’s dream, and I realize that maybe … the fruits of success have turned sour.
2D on the Feel Good Inc. video”

It gives an interesting perspective on the whole thing. Awhile back, I spent some time looking into it more to find that there were analysis with the specific issues of the world shown by the different band members, but I’ll let curiosity get the better side of you and also let you find that out.


2 thoughts on “[Music Monday] Holograms of the Past

  1. It’s good to hear someone bring up Gorillaz again. I’m curious if you’ve listened to/seen any of their other music videos and found similar depth in them. Tell me what you think~

    • I’ve listened and seen a few others and I think there are a lot of hidden gems in their music videos. The creators have control over the idea of the animated band so they probably add in some of their own stabs at society, like in “Dirty Harry.” Their inspirations seem to be from interesting takes on their observations, I remember reading about “Kids with Guns” as a response to hearing about a kid with a knife at school (along those lines), although the music video wasn’t too special. Hewlett and Albarn are clever minds and I absolutely love the concepts they bring. Although Feel Good Inc. had always been a favorite. I find it difficult to understand many of their videos so I haven’t found any that I think had similar depth or really hit me like Feel Good. But I like being confused sometimes.

      But I think the interesting part of many of their music videos is the backstory and personality that can be evident in their music videos for each character. The fact that it follows this plot really gives off this interesting concept of a full on story within the band, and that in itself is very refreshing.

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