[Re:Framed] Trekking Through Testing Trails

What is it that teachers do when they get together in the teachers’ lounge? Well I’ll tell you what. They secretly ask each other which days they’re having a test on. Why? So they can coordinate! How is it possible to have most of your tests for the week on the same day? Coincidence? I think not. Today was obviously Test Twinning Tuesday because three of my teachers decided to have their test today. Okay, not that big of a deal for high school tests, but still a large amount to study for if I want good grades and sleep at the same time. Other than the actual studying, I love test days. But I only love them when they’re all on the same day. Crazy? Well maybe I am.

Reason 1: When you have tests, teachers usually don’t assign homework the night before AND the night after. They don’t give you homework because you have to study for the test the next day. Even if they do, they don’t check because you take the entire period to do the test anyway. They don’t give you homework after the test because you didn’t do anything that day. You just took a test and haven’t learned new stuff to review yet so no homework or at least a minimal amount. Do I have homework today? Nope. Unless you’re my Chem teacher then you’re probably saying that I should spend 30-45 minutes a day at least studying for each subject. Little Homework = Happy Nicole. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a day as good as today.

Reason 2: You don’t actually do anything for the period. You usually have the entire class time to take the test. My favorites are multiple choice tests like my AP Euro one today. 50 questions that were all multiple choice but i had 55 minutes to do them. So what happened after I was done in half an hour? Nothing. I was required to do nothing. I didn’t have to take any notes, I didn’t have to write a response, I didn’t have to read a textbook, all I had to do was bubble in circles. Instead, I was able to utilize class time and study for my next test or do that minimal amount of homework assigned. Now if we’re talking about Finals week or Standardized State Testing, then we have about AN HOUR of free time. That’s also when EVERYONE is done. I remember I just sat there and watched Korean Dramas on my phone. Testing = Resting.

Reason 3: The quiet time you get for that hour actually allows you to do many things. There’s that inner monologue running through your head when you take the test.  I don’t know about you, but when I take a test, I pretty much provide my own commentary about everything in my head. And, I am pretty darn funny (to myself anyway). Those P.O.V. scenes about testing that you see in movies are actually what goes on in a students mind. Did we ever learn this? What the heck is that? Then it’s also quite amusing to see the wrong answer choices. One time I took a science test that asked, How is it possible that we are world is constantly spinning? or something like that. The answer was about Earth turning on its axis but one of the answer choices was The school is located on a constantly spinning underground carousel. I remember an answer choice on a recent Chem test being SPAM. Maybe my teach was hungry. Then you look around and get to notice things you haven’t before. For the first time you might observe that chip in the wall, or that your teacher just got a new haircut, or that your classmates have really amusing frustrated faces. Quiet time = Fun Time


So next time when you have test days, instead of complaining, REJOICE. It’s not as bad as you think… if you get past the disappointment in failing that test.


One thought on “[Re:Framed] Trekking Through Testing Trails

  1. Thanks for the laugh and insight, Nicole! I’ve never really thought about testing taking as time to do nothing and “relax”.

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