[Re:Framed] Think and Analyze……. then Think and Analyze Again


This week in English, we had to look at the title of the name of the novel, first book, and first chapter of A Tale of Two Cities. From that information, we had to infer and predict certain themes or underlying ideas that we could get from them. We then continued on reading the first paragraph to see what we could get from it. Over my years, the one thing I learned in English is to create metaphors. Metaphors, because apparently, authors always have ulterior motives to their choice of words and what they put in their book. Reasonable enough considering the days, months, years the author spent slaving over a book sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I found A Tale of Two Cities to be a wonderful piece of literature.

So here’s a question. Does the author INTEND to put in all these little Easter eggs within the story, OR are we OVER analyzing every little thing. Sorry if this sounds offensive to any authors out there, but it has always got me thinking. I have a certain friend, let’s call him Coffee. So Coffee likes to drink… you know it… COFFEE. He has this ability to create metaphors, analogies, and symbols for the simplest picture. At retreat, we created a simple poster for our group and when we presented it, he was able to continue on and on and on about each little thing symbolizing something different. When in reality, it was a bowl of alphabet soup because we thought it looked cool.

Maybe we should take a step back. Even over analyzing something can make you miss the big picture. Let’s not forget the story of the five blind men feeling only a certain part of an elephant. They were able to come up with different theories on what they were touching, but never an elephant as a whole.



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