How I Feel Right Now

Hi, this picture represents how I feel right now.


This picture represents that path I should take.

where i should go

This picture represents the path I want to take.

the path i want to go

This picture represents a random in between that I have no idea where it leads but for some reason it seems the most reasonable and the most risky right now.

somewhere idk


[Re:Framed] Unknown Unknowns


Recently, there was a required reading for my English class talking about Anosognosia and “Unknown Unknowns.” It was a blog post written by my English teacher, “Anosognosia: The Word School Leaders, Innovators, and Reformers Must Learn.” The post was based off of an article written by Errol Morris on The New York Times.  The overall idea is that there are certain things we know, certain things we know we don’t know, and certain things that we don’t know we don’t know. Well, what does that have anything to do with us?

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