[Music Monday] Friends have good taste in music

After a week of hanging out with friends finally after a very busy summer, I came to a realization that my friends have very good taste in music. Well, not really a realization but a reminder. Either way here is a song I heard while hiking and I enjoyed it. There is a lot of new discoveries when you have a car full of friends and a free auxiliary cable.


How to string me along into your schemes

Her: I’m feeling angsty WANNA committ some arson?
It can be legal.

Me. Ooooh temping.
What do you have in mind?

Her: Small bonfire? Bricks and a fire in the middle bc the beach is too far
Idk I just want fire

Me: I want to burn things in it
Like barbie dolls

Her: Oh good idea.

Me: But that’s expensive

Her: Nah we can go to the 99 cent store

Me: And would probably smell bad

Her: Okay how about vegetables
We can set aside money to go to 99 cent store
And buy stuff we wanna burn

Me: Sounds good

Her: Okay after finals?

Me: Yeeee down