[Music Monday] Jordan Bratton

So there’s a K-pop artist that I like and he’s part of a group called C-Clown. His name is Barom Yu and he’s Australian Korean. He’s a rapper/dancer who went by the name Bboy B.Yu (Be You, get it? cute huh?). Before he was a K-pop star he used to post videos of himself dancing on Youtube but it’s been pretty inactive in posting videos ever since his debut, which is reasonable. However, he still posts CTC Crown the Clown vlogs under the official group Youtube.

Anyway, what’s the point of talking about the other Australian Korean that’s not Hanbyul? Well, this Australian Korean has a great taste in music with a whole bunch of random songs I haven’t heard of. He uses a lot of the songs in his videos and he has led me to the artist I shall share today: Jordan Bratton.


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