[Music Monday] I Fell into the Loop

I’ve grown (well I have always been) fond of loop station/pedal covers. I just never knew what they were called until today for some reason. I’ve made the conclusion that I really enjoy watching how things are developed (especially in stories). It explains why I LOVE beginning a new series, but I’ll get about a little more than halfway or even almost completing it when I’ll stop. So the idea of these loop covers are really nice because I love to watching how people recreate the songs with their own little twist and random noises.

1. Josie Charlwood – Feel Good Inc. 

Because I love everything that is Feel Good Inc.

2. Jhameel – Buy You a Drink

Because I love everything Jhameel… and violins.

3. Matteo E. Basta – Teardrop

Because facial hair.

4. TJ Brown – Wide Awake

Because he’s cool.

5. Henry Lau – Bounce 

Because Henry Lau ❤ (although it is a little too much)

Suggestions from Coffee

6. Mackenzie James – Little Lion Man

7. Scott Porter – My Girl


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