Why I Dream

Just when on the verge of realizing my lack of passion within my life, I had to turn myself toward a new possibility. I cannot find myself something to long for in reality, and so I experiment with the idea of a metaphysical world.

I dream to discover myself within my subconscious. I dream to create another world befitting for a princess. I dream to escape reality. I dream to hope it will someday become a reality. I dream to mold and shape characters that cannot exist in the world we live in. I dream with my eyes closed. I dream with my eyes open. I dream to continue to wonder and in that wonder fall upon a new thought, a new idea. I dream when I am tired with the world. I dream to dream a better dream, and work to make it happen. I dream when I feel as though I’m the only person alive. I dream as if it’s the only way for me to feel alive. I dream as sleep slowly takes over my mind and body. I dream until my alarm clock rings a dreadful sound. I dream while sitting in class with my hand on my cheek, watching and waiting for the time to pass. I dream for no one else but myself. I dream of the endless possible paths to take in the game called life. I dream to test my creativity. I dream for the sake of the “perhaps.” I dream for the sake of my own sanity. I dream of memories together with the one I love.  I dream because it’s the only place I can now see the one I love. I dream because I cannot stop myself. I dream to be inspired. I dream to see the plot unfold in the stories of my mind. I dream when there is nothing left for me. I dream to avoid the problems and confrontations of life. I dream to open new doors. I dream to close old ones. I can only rely on my dreams as a part of myself that no one else can interfere with, but yet my dreams, mere pictures in my head, have the power to cause me to feel so much happiness, so much terror, so much grief. I can only drift away into unconsciousness and hope to reveal a new world full of the unknown, of the endless possibilities without fear of rejection or fear of the consequences because those strings of images that only I can see don’t exist. I’ll dream until I can’t dream anymore.

(Inspired by Terry Tempest Williams)


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