[Music Monday] Why am I not sleeping?

It’s almost 2am and I feel like utter crap. What a great time for a blog post! For some reason I cannot get to sleep right now but I’m feeling like I’m catching a cold. Since I’m awake and still trying to avoid homework, might as well write. 

Although it’s 2am on a Tuesday, we can still pretend like it’s Monday so yay! It’s been awhile since I posted a song anyway. It was a pretty good idea until I just opened up a tab onto Youtube and realized I have not too many new songs for you. I guess that’ll leave me with a Korean one. It’s okay. You guys will come around to it eventually. 

Since I can’t sleep, let’s do the song Insomnia by Humming Urban Stereo. Who is Humming Urban Stereo? They are a South Korean electropop group. I actually didn’t think I liked electropop but I’ve been surprisingly been fond of it lately. Luckily for you, this song is actually in English like many of their other songs too. I actually don’t care for this song too much and was going to do a separate one, but I guess correlation can be valuable sometimes. Not really.  BUT CLICK THE READ MORE BUTTON. 


Sadly, the main female vocal “Humming Girl” Lee Jin-hwa died in 2012. I didn’t really start becoming a huge fan until I came across their recent 2014 album comeback. The album is just full of INTENSE remakes (except Insomnia) of their old songs with a mess of great vocals. However, they are much more powerful than the gentler tone of the originals sung by the soft-voiced Jin-hwa. 

So here are the songs that are a bit crazy but I like them somehow. (Although all the songs are great and excuse the album art) 




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