[Music Monday] Misconception pt.2

Last week, I spent a long time in a car with Coffee. He had taken a liking to playing this Lecrae song, “Misconception pt.2” featuring W.L.A.K. The song grew on to me maybe after the 8th time hearing it in the car. Although I heard of Lecrae before as a very popular Christian rap artist, I only ever really listened to one song by him which was “Background.” Did you read that correctly? You sure did, Christian rap. It exists and I am quite fond of it. I was angry once when I watched some type of Disneychannel movie about a guy whose father is a pastor. However, he has a passion for rapping and his father did not allow him to pursue his dreams because rap is Devil’s music. Luckily, he relents in the end, but even in society today, rap has definitely earned a bad reputation. But let’s not forget that the rap we hear on the radio with a beep every 10 seconds is not the sole representation of rap music. Sometimes, it’s a “Misconception.”

I also have issues interpreting rap. It’s like trying to find all the literary terms in an English Honors Class. Using Rap Genius is a nice way to find annotations of lyrics.


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