[Music Monday] Royal Pirates

Ah I’m late again. Yesterday was MLK day so I just tapped out the entire day. But here’s a song for the week!

Yes, this is actually a K-pop song . . . kind of. I would’ve actually posted this on my K-pop Music Monday, but I have already done a post for a previous Royal Pirates song. I decided to post it on this blog because there’s an English version! Royal Pirates is a Korean-American trio that decided to have their debut in Korea just last year. However, they’ve been active on Youtube for several years. Back then, they were known as Fading From Dawn, but due to a tragic car accident, they lost their bass player and Moonchul’s brother in 2008. That was when the name “Royal Pirates” came to be.  They recently came back with their new album with their title song being “Drawing the Line.” To my delight, an English version was included.


2 thoughts on “[Music Monday] Royal Pirates

  1. Your music picks are the BEST. After listening to the English version, I listened to the Korean version, then several other songs by Royal Pirates. My love for K-pop is slowly expanding…and I’m having mixed feelings about that.

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