[Music Monday] Losing a Person (Part I)

Confessions of a K-pop Fangirl

Howdy Y’all. So for some reason, the past week or two has been full of loss. It seemed to be a topic of conversation occurring in many different forms wherever I went. I found it quite interesting and it got me thinking quite a bit. Due to the odd number of experiences I’ve had in the past two weeks, this will probably be an ongoing thing having multiple posts. Don’t worry, I myself haven’t experienced a loss recently.

So let’s start this off with a Music Monday coming from Nell. Nell is somewhat of a K-rock band consisting of 4 members and under the same label as Infinite, Woollim. The song I want to talk about is “The Day Before.” Although there are a lot of  music videos that pertain to the topic of losing someone, I just found “The Day Before” to be so beautifully shot.

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