[Music Monday] Coyotes in Central Park

I first heard the song “Coyotes” when I was watching a dance video from Barom Yu, a member of the K-pop group C-Clown. In a live performance, he mentioned that he wrote the song when he heard of news about a coyote spotted in Central Park. When I first heard the beginning of the song it was something I hadn’t heard form Jason Mraz. He showed a different side to his music than his popular songs, a darker side.

I also came across the acoustic live version and it gives the song an entirely different feeling. It gives it a nice jazzy mood. Something you would hear at night sitting alone at your dinner table. You sit with your wine glass empty, head down, and a single rose in the glass vase at the center of the table. A plate is set up for the other side, napkin thrown on top of it in anger, and the chair lays sideways on the cold tile floor. The song isn’t a breakup song but this is the image I get in my head whenever I listen to it.


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