[Music Monday] Living the Jelly Bean Dream

Kina Grannis uploaded a wonderful video, “In Your Arms,” on November 1, 2011 showcasing almost two years worth of filming. Not only have I never seen anything like this done before, every time I watch the video it’s like I’m amazed all over again.

In the video description it is noted,

22 months
1,357 hours
30 people
2 ladders
1 still camera
288,000 jelly beans”

Not only do I already find stop motion amazing, but stop motion with 288,000 JELLY BEANS is unfathomable. In addition to the stop motion with jelly beans, Kina Grannis actually INTERACTS with the jelly beans. When watching the video you can see the care and effort into every little detail. There was even a scene in which Grannis is falling INTO the jelly beans.


In her behind the scenes video about creating the masterpiece, it showed her actually laying down on a piece of glass above the jelly bean art. During the entire video, she is laying down flat, but her hair and motions are all made to look as though she is in front of a green screen of jelly beans. Much credit is given the producer Greg Jardin for coming up with and directing the video and also Lauren Gregg for creating the concept art used in the video.

Although I talked mostly about the video, the song itself is also great. It’s very calming and the video fits the whole feel of the song. It’s something nice I imagine listening to while drinking hot chocolate and cozying up with a loved one. Kina Grannis did not fail to disappoint with her beautiful vocals. Grannis really outdid herself from her previous video, “Valentine” which utilized a domino effect to show an adorable animated story.


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