7 year-old girl abducted in New York suburbs


A man attempted to kidnap a 7 year-old girl on the streets of New York. Luckily, three passing heroes took action to help.

Usually, stories like these would make headlines. Many of us take for granted the people who actually take action to help because we think we would all do the same if faced with a similar situation. However, a hidden camera showed otherwise.

The video shows a 7-year old girl standing on the streets by herself when suddenly a man comes and tries to take her by force. She violently tries to break free from his grip continuously screaming “Please! Someone help me! You’re not my dad!” Several people walked by and just looked. Many of us may think, “Wow, what kind of people are they? Why didn’t they do anything?” but we don’t consider ourselves in the same situation. If it really happened, would you, without a second thought, go up and try to stop this man alone? We may say we would but at that moment, our feet freeze, or mind ignores it, and we think of excuses. A woman in the video who walked by said, “You’d think that someone else would take the blame. Someone else will take the responsibility,” when asked why she didn’t help.  It took hours before someone was able to finally react. The three men pictured above took action when they started to run toward the man trying to take the girl away.

It made we really question the safety of being alone even on a street with people. When I’m walking on the sidewalk of a busy road I don’t think about any real danger since there are a lot of people driving by. However, this video shows that may not be the case.


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