[Music Monday] California Dreamers

Hello world! My first post will be about this whole idea of dreaming and innovation stressed so much in the English class I’m taking. Not only is my school launching projects such as Idea Farming but our PTA Reflections program theme is “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” WIth these ideas impounded on our brains, my peers and I have ventured out into the world wide web to begin making our own mark. Here’s a song and video I’ve found to relate to our projects.

DANakaDAN x afterschoolspecial – Dreamers

You can find the lyrics here. Even though this song is more specific towards those chasing their dreams in music, what stood out to me the most was the chorus.

“What Up World, how you doing today,

Said i’ll be doing fine hanging down by the bay

Yeah I’ll be doing fine when i’m drifting away

Cuz i’m a California Dreamer yeahhh”

The lyrics here seem to be representing the relationship between a dreamer and the world. Instead of worrying about the world and what’s happening in it, the California dreamer is off in their own world doing fine by themselves. The first person point of view music video created also showed to be a great produce of Deamlapse Project. The scenes were particularly made to pertain to Californian activities and the creativity of each scene resulted in a wonderful video of a life of experiences.



Because we will remain dreamers here regardless of time


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